Matthew Kaiser

  • Acreage and Lifestyle Specialist

  • 0400192992

Deciding to join the team at Acreage and Lifestyle Property was one of the easiest decisions I've ever made.Who wouldn't want to work with the best group of dedicated professionals in this beautiful part of the world. I have all the resources and support I need at my fingertips to ensure my clients get the time, care and attention they deserve to support the delivery of a personalised service which provides an uncomplicated experience and a positive result. With extensive industry knowledge and experience, I understand property and people and I'm passionate about raising the bar when it comes to looking after my clients. I find that being open and honest with my clients is vital and that maintaining regular communication is of utmost importance. If my clients are happy, then so am I. If I do a great job and they're happy to share their experience with family and friends, then I see this as the ultimate reward for a job well done.